As pitchers and catchers are reporting to spring training, so are baseball Web sites awakening from their winter slumbers. We noticed Babes Love Baseball when several (male and female) friends started following the site on Facebook. Intrigued by the combination of babes and America's pastime, we reached out to the site's founder Suzanne Solheim, or Sooze to her readers.

So what made this Minnesota-bred beauty start the blog in the first place?

"The very first Babes Love Baseball post was written the day after the Red Sox broke the curse in 2004," says Sooze. "I needed a place to vent about my passion for the game and find other people who wanted to do the same. We've gone through a couple different platforms and a bunch of different bloggers, but our general vibe has stayed the same."

Keep reading to find out Sooze's Deadspin commenter name and see a picture of her baseball tattoo.

Although it's hard to beat a girl who lists her Facebook interests as "beer bongs and baseball," Babes also features two other comely and baseball-loving bloggers: Marea, who first got involved posting funny comments on the site, and Lizzy, whom Sooze met when they were both commenters on Deadspin.

"Lizzy and I met as commenters on Deadspin," says Sooze. "Nerdy, huh. My original Deadspin handle was 'dock_ellis_pitched_a_nono_on_lsd' before some super-hardcore Deadspin moderator emailed me and called it 'inappropriate, offensive and inaccurate.' Like a total pu**y, I changed it to Sooze instead of standing up for Dock Ellis's amazing psychedelic feat."

Sooze credits her baseball-loving father for first sparking her interest in the game, and she lists the 1987 World Series among her fondest kindergarten memories.

But it was the 1991 Minnesota Twins team that cemented her lifelong commitment to the sport: "That's the year I fell head over heels for baseball, and Scott Leius. Furiously waving my homer hanky, I proclaimed my love for him and that I planned to marry him and have his babies -- not just for his boyish charm and hockey hair, but for the way he handled the hot corner. Apparently I was unfazed by his suckiness at the plate."