Odessa Begay, owner and illustrator of the Modern Museum of Tweets, has perfected the art of poking fun at Twittering celebrities.

The NYU graduate, illustrator and comedian extraordinaire, birthed the Modern Museum of Tweets in mid-January. Her idea was to take actual celebrity tweets and interpret them via her own illustrations.

The Museum has featured illustrations inspired by prominent celebrity Twitterers like Ryan Seacrest, Jim Carrey, Kirstie Alley and Anderson Cooper.

The picture at left was inspired by a Lance Armstrong tweet reading, "Dinner at the house w/ @waterhero, @kingyoga, and @chaincondom. Watching Vikings vs. Panthers."

"Celebrities are supposed to be larger than life, but a lot of what they reveal about their lives on Twitter makes them seem pretty normal and boring," Begay tells Asylum. "I just think its funny to imagine it differently."

When it comes to bringing a tweet to life, Begay looks for poor grammar, lack of punctuation, cut-off sentences, double meanings and weird statements that aren't really explained.

To date, none of her targeted celebrity Twitterers have responded to the illustrations. "Our tweet stars have not yet aligned," she says.

But what about regular folks? "The response has been pretty positive from people and the Internet," she says. "A few people have said they don't get it but I think that's mostly just Nick Jonas fans."

Despite the oblivious Jo-Bro fans, Begay continues to wield her mouse with fury and an unyielding imagination. Visit the site at TweetMuseum.com to see for yourself. You can also check out her personal Web site or follow her on Twitter.