Imagine a cupcake. We'll wait a second. You probably pictured a small, delicate, sprinkle-covered baked delicacy wrapped in foil or a liner. Not anymore.

Butch Bakery, a New York–based cupcake-making factory has re-imagined the cupcake, and they've rolled out a line of baked goodies targeted specifically at men. To get the picture, just take the "Driller" -- a maple cake topped with crumbled bacon and loaded with milk-chocolate ganache.

"Simply put," says Butch Bakery's founder David Arrick (pictured), a former securities lawyer on Wall Street, "Our cupcakes are more manly. They're bigger, and they incorporate guys' food."

The idea behind Butch Bakery's slogan, "Where Butch Meets Buttercream," occurred to Arrick as he walked past a line outside Magnolia Bakery on Manhattan's Bleecker Street that wrapped around the block. Noticeably absent: men. "I joked to a friend," Arrick tells Asylum, "'Where are the guys?''"

That observation became Butch Bakery. Now the company has an entire line of treats that answers the age-old question, what would happen if cupcakes met steroids?

Some of the other popular cupcakes have been the "Tailgate," a caramel cake with a salted-caramel-swirl filling with vanilla buttercream, and the "Sidecar," a brandy-soaked lemon cake featuring an orange and white chocolate ganache filling. Personally, we're interested in the "Beer Run" cupcake, which incorporates beer-infused buttercream and crushed pretzels.

A majority of Butch's customers so far have actually been women, buying the snacks for men.

"A lot of the orders have been gifts, for congratulations, for Valentine's Day, that sort of thing," says Arrick. "We're expecting a lot of orders for Father's Day too. And a lot of calls have been businesses sending them to their clients."

For now, Butch Bakery is operating out of rented space at a commercial bakery in Queens, where the cupcakes are produced and then shipped out. "In next couple months," says Arrick "we're probably going to set up a storefront somewhere downtown, maybe in Tribeca or the West Village."

And if you listen closely, you can already hear the pitter-patter of men's feet lining up for the bacon-filled cupcakes.