Remember back in the day when everyone ate pizza by the slice with the grease oozing off the tip and staining their clothes? Those days are over.

K! Pizzacone's revolutionary product combines the deliciousness of a pizza slice with the portability of an ice cream cone. Since its grand opening in New York City this past Monday, only one question has been on our minds -- why didn't anyone think of this before?

"The problem with pizza is that the toppings need to be proportional to the crust," said John amidst eating his first cone on Tuesday.

With Pizzacone, however, everything is combined in a swirl of cheesy goodness. Depending on your preference, either tomato or pesto sauce is poured into the crust-like cone along with melted cheese and choice of toppings. Some of the staff's personal favorites are the scrambled egg breakfast wrap and the jalapeno pepper cone.

Many New Yorkers are already flocking to Pizzacone, located on 5th Avenue in its first U.S. location, to take a bite out of this addictive concoction.

Although the eatery is usually open until midnight, Ingo Pinto, one of the store owners, had to close shop early on Monday because they had sold out. "I'm on my third one," said one New Yorker waiting in the cramped space on Tuesday.

Another customer, Joanna, thinks Pizzacone is like Go-gurt. "It's weird because pizza is already so portable," she said before sinking her teeth into the crunchy crust. It's true, why fix something that was never broken to begin with?

However, just like Go-gurt did to young kids, Pizzacone makes eating pizza more fun and exciting. As a pregnant woman, Joanna says the Pizzacone satisfies her cravings.

While these customers were enjoying the latest in pizza technology, others were not so thrilled.

"I'll stick to hot dogs," shouted one New Yorker as he left Pizzacone. "Little Italy blows this place away," said another.

But after tasting it ourselves, we expect Pizzacone to spread at least as fast as the far inferior Pinkberry.