Married? Got a girlfriend? In a loving and committed f**kbuddy relationship? Then you're probably having sex, at least some of the time. But how often is often enough? And can you be doing it too much? Let Asylum's token girl advise you on how much sex you should (and shouldn't) be having.

A Woman's Perspective on Sexual Frequency

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How Much Do You Groom?
1-2 hours a day -- they call me metrosexual. Cleanliness is next to everything.3204 (6.6%)
1 hour a day -- manscaping is a necessity, I get a 5 o'clock shadow at noon.8328 (17.2%)
30 min. a day -- my biggest concern is remembering deodorant.31081 (64.3%)
Bath time is on Saturday. I'm lucky if I don't clear a room.5741 (11.9%)