Have you ever been watching the news and found yourself scratching your head at their choice of experts or contributors?

For example, if you want to do a segment on the relative merits of smaller government, is there any more natural choice than ... Kid Rock?

To his credit, Fox News's choice to have him on perplexed even the Kid himself, who told anchor Megyn Kelly "I have no idea why I'm here," before describing his personal "nightmare" that includes everyone "getting health insurance." We know, we know -- the horror!

Kid's not the only odd choice Fox News has made. After the jump, check out our list of Unqualified Fox News Contributors.

First, though, check out this clip from Kid Rock's "America Live" interview, in which he continues to wisely warn anyone against listening to anything he has to say:

Ted Nugent, Economist: The Nuge is known to your parents as the hard-rockin' wildman behind "Cat Scratch Fever," but you probably know him as the world's most famous gun nut / hunting enthusiast. Apparently, someone at Fox News also thought Ted had the prescription for what ails our tanking economy.

Dennis Miller, Comedy Archaeologist: Miller used to be as topical as a fungal rash, but since his 9/11-fueled conversion to conservatism, his pop-culture references have become equally resistant to progress. Viewers could be forgiven if they thought this clip was from a 1993 HBO special, but it's from five weeks ago.

Sarah Palin, Campaign Strategist: It should've been fairly obvious that the most famous loser in campaign history would make a lousy strategist for Barack Obama's re-election effort, but if you have any doubt, just listen to the advice she gives. Promise some tax cuts? Kiss more babies? Nah, start a freakin' war!

Dr. David Samadi, Patient Advocate: Dr. Samadi holds the cool, yet contradictory title of "Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery" (who wants a minimally invasive robot?), but in this clip he explains that millions of uninsured people are a good thing, because they free up doctors to take care of the non-deadbeats. I guess it's easy to "first do no harm" if they never get into your office.

Janine Driver and Tonya Reiman, Body Language Experts: We often find ourselves wondering "What does that frown-y look mean?" or "What's she going to do with that reared-back, face-level open palm?" and wish we had a body language expert handy. Fox News isn't taking any chances. They've got two.

First, there's Tonya Reiman, who explains in all seriousness to Bill O'Reilly that Hillary Clinton is laughing because she's sad, and hates her job because she looked up.

Our favorite, though, is Janine Driver, who at least seems to be in on the joke. We also love this clip because she's deconstructing the gesticulations of our favorite weatherman, Jim Kosek.