A New Jersey family famous for its wintertime snow-sculptures pushed the envelope a bit too far this time.

The family made a sturdy snow sculpture with supple breasts and a rounded bottom. Although it entertained most of the neighbors, the sculpture upset one anonymous person who complained of a "naked snow woman."

Elisa Gonzalez, a court reporter of Rahway, N.J., sculpted the "curvaceous, bodacious and bootylicious" sculpture with her children Maria Conneran, 21, and Jack Shearing, 12. This wasn't just any naked snow woman, mind you. Gonzalez said that the sculpture was modeled after Venus de Milo, a famous, armless ancient Greek figure on display at the Louvre museum in Paris.

Police responded to the complaint by asking the family to cover up the sculpture. So they did, with a sporty green bikini and a blue sarong that covered the sculpture's hips.

The family's previous snow creations include "Snowbama" and a throne. But this one "had a six-pack", lamented Conneran.

She must work out. Check out video on the next page.