As Mashable reports, Tufts University in Massachusetts is now allowing students to include "supplementary videos" on YouTube as part of their college application.

Since YouTube is open to the masses, that now means everyone in America can witness these poor kids trying to joke, sing, dance and grovel their way into the Class of 2014.

Read on for the Tufts hopefuls -- in all their rapping, raving, dancing, crazily multi-lingual glory -- who we think deserve extra special attention from the admissions office.

This applicant wants to appeal to those admission deans who think that what Tufts needs is more kids abusing Ecstasy and glo-sticks. All hail the "Saul Sparber Rave!" (Warning: Don't watch this video if strobe lights bother you. Seriously.)

Yotam Tubul raps his way into Tufts by namedropping Balloon Boy and Dikembe Mutombo. "Do the right thing, accept this Israeli / I'll bring the goods like Barnum & Bailey."

Sam Zuckert demonstrates his love of experimental music, and perhaps psychedelic drugs, with this spotlight on a song "made solely out of sounds that paper makes." Zuckert will definitely be attending the First Annual Saul Sparber Rave.

Christian Holmes mashes himself up with James Lipton and discusses carnage and mucus.

Not bad, class of 2014, but you've got a lot to learn about pimping yourself in a worldwide public forum before you can graduate to the big leagues and count yourself among legends like Aleksey Veyner and his classic job application video. (Also memorably skewered by Michael Cera.)