Who needs after-dinner mints when you can get a couple condoms, instead?

That's the philosophy of Cabbages and Condoms, a tiny restaurant chain in Thailand that works closely with the Population and Community Development Association in Bangkok (PDA).

"Our restaurant was conceptualized in part to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning," says the restaurant's official site. "Not only do the restaurants offer excellent food, but they also promote the health and safety aspects of condom use in a fun and amusing manner."

In addition to condoms served with the check, patrons will find rubbers dangling from just about everywhere.

Wander inside and you'll be treated to sculptures and life-size statues composed out of the colorful latex, a Christmas tree decked with flavored goodies as well as giant cardboard condoms with cutouts for faces (including a spot for a child).

Despite the restaurant's noble mission, the idea to fuse dinner and safe sex often seems zany to outsiders.

The restaurant acknowledges this and insists that the unique factor is good for business. Since it's opening in 1974, Cabbages and Condoms has attracted worldwide attention and acclaim.

"I heard about the restaurant while doing some travel research," says Kenneth Coppens, a 25-year-old travel fan. "The combination of condoms and dinner was hard to fathom, so I had to see it first hand."

So when Coppens visited Bangkok, he made sure to put Cabbages and Condoms on his list of things to see.

"The food was surprisingly good considering the gimmicky feeling of it all, " he said. "It was kind of strange that they tried to make it so family-oriented with condoms everywhere in site, but it's great that they promote safe sex."

We actually don't find the combination so strange -- every time we walk into a family restaurant, we're reminded of the many reasons to practice safe sex.