Required reading from the week in books and comics.

Remember Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone? No? Well, he's just written a book about his famous sister called, appropriately, "Life With My Sister Madonna." Why should you care? Because Madonna knew a lot of awesome people during the '80s -- like Jean-Michel Basquiat -- and Christopher was also there, hanging on to her coattails for dear life.

Also in stores:
-- "Fly Fishing With Darth Vader" is journalist Matt Labash's chronicle of "evangelical wrestlers, political hitmen, Jewish cowboys," and other people and places that are a little left of center. Everyone from Donald Trump to Dick Cheney turns up, acting a fool.
-- "Warlord: The Saga" collects the recent adventures of DC Comics' long-running "fighter pilot trapped in a sword-and-sorcery world" series. Why "Warlord" hasn't been a blockbuster franchise already is anyone's guess.
-- "Reality Hunger: A Manifesto" attempts to find a new art movement in reality TV and reality-based art, like the Obama "Hope" poster. Yeah, good luck with that. No amount of fancy words can convince us that "The Marriage Ref" is art.