According to our friends at With Leather, "Tecmo Bowl Throwback" is no longer just a rumor. The reboot of the much beloved video game football franchise is coming in the spring of this year.

"Throwback" will feature the classic gameplay of 1991's "Tecmo Super Bowl," as well as the ability to compete in a spiffy new 3-D mode. (Because it's all about 3-D these days.) Tecmo ruled the pixelated gridiron world until Madden came along, and there is talk that the "Throwback" update could challenge the franchise that once made it obsolete.

Clearly Madden and Tecmo are the two most popular football video game franchises that ever turned friends and siblings into trash-talking rivals. But which -- for its time -- was better? Keep in mind, "Tecmo Bowl" was around in the 8- and 16-bit era, whereas the latest "Madden NFL" can probably do your taxes.
What's been the best football video game?
"Tecmo Bowl" -- turned Bo Jackson and Randall Cunningham into football demigods 584 (69.8%)
"Madden NFL" -- ushered in a new way of evaluating real football players196 (23.4%)
Another football game -- let us know in the comments57 (6.8%)