Break out the "Ninja Turtle" pudding pies and Tab, because "Tecmo Bowl" is coming back! We're so excited for the return of the classic '80s game, we asked you guys to put it up against "Madden" and determine which is the greatest football video game of all-time. And while we eagerly await the 3-D take on "Tecmo," our humble readers reminded us of some other fun pigskin classics.

writes, "You guys forgot NFL Blitz."

Ah, "NFL Blitz." We have fond memories of "turbo runs" on our N64s, while Lou Bega taught us all how to mambo on the radio.

Axis offered, "Duh, 10 Yard Fight! best football game EVER!!!! Also, guilty pleasure is Mutant League Football on Sega Genesis."

Skeletons, robots and other creatures playing football, in a game built on the "Madden '93" engine? Uh, if you'll excuse us, we need to go to eBay and bid on a Sega Genesis right about now ...