Great news! There are more videos on the Internet of people falling off and/or onto trampolines than there are hats in Canada. (That's completely untrue.)

But as with most things in life -- people falling off one of these bouncy deathtraps just isn't enough.

Sometimes we need to add a little something to freshen things up. A dog here, a basketball net there. Anything to make the inevitable disaster just that little bit more comical.

Keep reading for FAIL feats the likes of which you'd never dare dream.

You're doing it wrong: In front of your mother!
Inner monologue: "I'm such a badass. I hope Stacey Jenkins sees this. Maybe then she'd finally stop ignoring me in Geography. It really comes to something when a good-looking dude like me has to throw himself from his bedroom window on to a trampoline to get a girl's attention. What? My mom is coming. Sh*********t! Wow, that hurts."

You're doing it wrong: Into a basketball hoop.
Inner monologue: "This is such a rad idea, I can't believe we didn't put the basketball hoop over the trampoline before. Time for a totally sick dunk ... Why am I upside down? Why does my leg hurt?"

You're doing it wrong: Because you missed the trampoline.
Inner monologue: "I'm so totally stoked my parents got me this totally rad trampoline. Oh, you want to see me back flip? Well, here you .. oh no, I've made an awful mistake."

You're doing it wrong: Because you're not human.
Inner monologue: "Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bounce. I love being a dog. Bouncy, bouncy, bounce. Squirrel ... Bouncy, bouncy, bounce."

You're doing it wrong: Professionally.
Inner monologue: "You're a professional, you're in control. You're a professional, you're in control. You're a proooaaagghh. I fell from so high. That's more than pain. Am I broken? Have I broken everything?"

You're doing it wrong: Because that's a bear.
Inner monologue: "I appear to have backed myself into a corner. Why's that little man pointing at me? Ouch. Motherlover! Wow I feel woozy ... Really, I'm talking 'bout the bear necessities, that's why a bear can wrestle bees .. I'm going to fall. "

You're doing it wrong: Into a bush.
Inner monologue: "This reeks of YouTube but I'm in too deep to pull out. As long as I don't end up in that hedge. 3 ... 2 ...1..."

You're doing it wrong: Mr. Fox.
Inner monologue: "By Jove, I love you Cherise. I love gallivanting with you ... wait, what the devil! This ... this floor seems not entirely solid. It's ... by God, it's bouncy. It's bouncy. Cherise, this floor is bouncy. Why aren't you bothered by this, Cherise?"

You're doing it right: So right it's kind of hard to tell which way up this is being filmed. (NSFW) Crappy soundtrack with low-quality swearing.)
Inner monologue: "I'm so good at trampolining. I've in no way wasted my life. This is definitely a transferable skill I'll be able to apply to other jobs."