Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddy with.

When under stress, men find women who look dissimilar to them most attractive.

Previous studies have shown that guys are typically attracted to ladies who look somewhat similar to themselves. To see if this preference held up under stressful conditions, German researchers had 50 men look at 30 photos of nude erotic models while dipping their hands in either uncomfortably cold water or room-temperature water. The catch: In some cases, the faces of the models were digitally altered to subtly resemble the face of the subject who was looking at it.

The men whose hands were dipped in the soothing, room-temperature water expressed a preference for females whose appearance was similar to theirs. The volunteers who had their heart rate quickened by the extremely cold water were more attracted to dissimilar faces.

The researchers believe that, in stressful times, men shun women who look like themselves because their offspring may not be genetically diverse enough to deal with challenging situations.

Interesting stuff, but one has to figure only Germans would come up with a study that includes digitally altering male faces onto those of sexy, naked ladies.

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