First of all, we're going to come clean and say we're not quite sure if Bracketology is a science. Or even a word. But indulge us.

HowStuffWorks has studied the science of March Madness Bracketology, and it has some helpful tips on how to win your office pool. Their pointers are backed by statistics, such as the probability of 16 seeds beating 1 seeds. (Hint: It's zero).

Here's a surefire strategy for bracket betting: Use the March Madness brackets as a test. Don't bet money. Don't join any pools. Just fill out the brackets using the HowStuffWorks system, then see if the system worked.

The next and infinitely more important bracket coming up is the FIFA World Cup. That's the ultimate tournament in soccer to us Yanks -- football to the rest of the planet. If your March Madness bracket worked out, bet the farm on the World Cup. Just remember: Only seven countries have ever won the World Cup. Can you name them?