Who knew the big, good-looking quiet guy from all those spaghetti westerns-turned-vengeful, Magnum-carrying cop would eventually establish himself as one of the film industry's premiere directors? Well, it's all sitting right there in Clint Eastwood's résumé.

Our friends at FilmDrunk report that Eastwood is likely to be at the helm of an upcoming J. Edgar Hoover biopic. Hoover, who ran the FBI with an iron fist for almost 40 years -- while perhaps trying on the occasional dress -- would be a fascinating subject for any director. But we'd be particularly interested in Eastwood's grizzled take on the highly controversial figure. It'd have all the makings of a classic.

Which begs the question, which Clint Eastwood–directed film should all the others be compared to?
What's the Best Eastwood-Directed Movie?
"Gran Torino" -- "Get off of my lawn."568 (35.3%)
"Million Dollar Baby" -- his second directing Oscar131 (8.1%)
"Mystic River" -- he coaxed out some powerhouse acting performances162 (10.1%)
"Unforgiven" -- "It's a hell of thing, killing a man ..."675 (42.0%)
Another Eastwood film -- let us know in the comments72 (4.5%)