Here in America, some people claim that a man marrying another man ruins the sanctity of marriage. We wonder how those same people would feel about Lee Jin-gyu, a Korean man who recently wed a pillow.

Yes, the 28-year-old is now happily married -- to a pillow. Well, not just any pillow. That would be weird. Lee has fallen in love with a dakimakura, a large body pillow adorned with the face of an anime beauty.

But don't worry, this isn't a marriage of convenience (throw pillows don't cut it) -- this is a marriage of love. For months, Lee has been taking the pillow out to eat, going to amusement parks and, you know, fluffing it.

In honor of the special day, Lee got his bride a brand new wedding dress. Hopefully, he also washed her. The nuptials were held in a special ceremony presided over by a bona fide priest. Presumably, the marriage was consummated afterward on a bed with some of the bride's friends and family members looking on.

Challenges lie ahead for the happy couple. For instance, Lee can no longer go to Bed Bath & Beyond without his bride getting jealous. Still, if he's sent to the couch, he might get to sleep with her sister.