Our friends at With Leather usually focus their attention on the latest in sports, as well as the sexy ladies who are somewhat related to sports. Which is why we were a bit surprised to see that today they are featuring a story on Donna Simpson, a 600-lb. New Jersey woman who hopes to eat her way to 1,000 lbs. -- thereby earning the title of Fattest Woman Alive.

However, when we thought about it, it makes sense. It takes a competitive spirit to strive for such unusual girth, and Simpson is a woman. As for sexy? Well, her 150-lb. husband did track her down on an Internet site for large women, so to each his own.

In fact, we're pulling for the 42-year-old Simpson to break the record. If you're going to eat yourself to death, you might as well go big.
Would You Like to See Donna Simpson Hit the 1000-Lb. Mark?
Why not? To be the most of anything is an accomplishment.454 (20.2%)
No way. Shame on the media for paying attention to this mentally ill woman.1797 (79.8%)