A Peruvian dog trainer and surfer has taught his pet alpaca how to ride the waves. No, we don't know why either.

But Pisco now looks (almost) as comfortable on a surfboard as he would munching grass on a South American mountainside. OK, he doesn't look comfortable at all.

Domingo Pianezzi has spent 10 years teaching dogs to surf and decided to have a go with his domesticated camelid after seeing people in Australia surf with kangaroos. (Send videos, please.)

He wanted to surf with an animal which represented Peru and spent several months teaching Pisco the basics of surfing. The pair can now regularly be seen catching waves on a 10-foot longboard, with Pisco either sitting or standing at the front wearing a flotation jacket.

Pianezzi says that, unlike dogs, Pisco had to be encouraged to enter the water. But he insists the surfing alpaca now enjoys it Keep watching to see a video and make up your own mind.