For the countless fans still bummed about James Cameron's decision to axe the much-ballyhooed Na'vi sex scene from "Avatar," fear not. Kool-Aid Man is coming to the rescue!

The bulbous icon with the unforgettable perma-smile will be getting frisky with our beloved forest queen Neytiri tonight in "Second Life" while a crowd of voyeuristic hipsters at East Village art gallery La MaMa and others worldwide look on.

The man behind the jolly pitcher is Montreal-based Net art guru Jon Rafman, whose recent work with Google Street View has won him near-celebrity status among the art school set. Rafman's also been getting attention for his guided tours of "Second Life," where he roams free in the guise of that purveyor of summer beverages.

Rafman, whose tours are in high demand these days, breaks down walls (get it?) while exploring a landscape entirely generated and populated by users eager to live out their idealized lives online.

Perhaps that's why the Kool-Aid Man has often been embraced by a bevy of "Second Life" subcultures. But where does knocking boots with a blue-hued hottie come in?

"Ever since 'Avatar' came out there has been a huge influx of Na'vi," says Rafman of his inevitable affair with Jake Sully's girl. "It happened naturally. I was at a club one night and an avatar approached me asking me for a sip of my beverage. The rest is history." Sigh. If only it were that easy in real life.

The setting for the avatar-on-avatar lovemaking is a far cry from Pandora's Tree of Souls, where Jake and Neytiri first did it. Rafman was kind enough to take us on a virtual tour to "The Black Taj and White Taj," a monolithic cyber-tribute to the Indian landmark, where Kool-Aid Man and his lady love will seal the deal.

Infinite Enya streams in the background, so maybe this isn't too far from James Cameron's vision after all. And as for Neytiri, it looks like she's been spending some serious time in the Lower East Side, as she is now decked out in a leather bomber, with a fresh pixie cut and a cigarette dangling from her blue lips.

Watch below for a little preview (Note: It becomes NSFW about 10 minutes in.), and join Jon Rafman (via video) tonight at La MaMa at 7:30 for the, um, climax.