Another day, another hockey fight. Our friends at With Leather have video of Edmonton Oilers center Mike Comrie's surprise takedown of San Jose Sharks center Scott Nichol. In the clip, the crowd cheers when the players drop their gloves, and the TV announcers excitedly give a blow-by-blow account of what happens next.

This glorification of on-the-ice fisticuffs has always rubbed a big chunk of the hockey-following media the wrong way. Writing about a different hockey fight this past weekend in today's Toronto Sun, columnist Chris Zelkovich makes the charge that the NHL "is just peddling a blood sport."

During the Olympics, all of North America was captivated by the international brand of fight-free hockey. Is fighting what keeps hockey stuck deep in its fourth-sport doldrums here in the United States? Or is it an important part of what makes hockey what it is?
Does fighting add to or take away from the NHL?
Add to -- who doesn't like a fight now and then?752 (63.0%)
Take away -- it encourages thuggery over skill214 (17.9%)
No difference -- why I watch or don't watch hockey has nothing to do with fights228 (19.1%)