Shrouded in mystery, musical talent and a crazy hoodie, Chatroulette's Piano Chat Improv guy took the Internet by storm recently when he posted a video of himself serenading random Chatroulette browsers with impromptu ditties.

Since his quirky debut, he's claimed over 188,000 YouTube subscribers (making him number one for the month of March) and about 5 million views -- although his original star-making video was taken down recently due to "terms of use violation." (In other words, someone he serenaded didn't want his or her face on YouTube.)

Asylum's Wendy Rose Gould hit up the man himself via Skype, and asked him all about the speculation that he might be musician Ben Folds, his overnight Internet fame, and the hoodie that makes him look like Kenny from "South Park."

After the jump, check out Gould's exclusive video interview with Merton -- and the piano improvisation he composed just for us. Below that, check out the re-cut of the video that made the Piano Chat Improv guy a household name to Internet addicts everywhere.

Here's our interview with Merton

And here's the post that made him famous