After we did a roundup of a handful of all-girl metal tribute bands last month, a reader tipped us off to his favorite in the genre: a Rage Against the Machine tribute out of Nashville called Take the Power Back.

We checked them out on YouTube, and sure enough, we were smitten.

So, in advance of their just-announced show this Sunday night at the 5 Spot in Nashville, Asylum dutifully tracked down Katy Odenbaugh, Take the Power Back's Zack de la Rocha stand-in, as well as Sarah Jones, their Tom Morello, to talk about how awesome they are.

How awesome are they? Read on to find out.

Starting Out
Take the Power Back was formed in late 2008, when Jones rediscovered her copy of Rage Against the Machine's self-titled debut while everybody else was busy silk-screening Barack Obama's face onto T-shirts.

"I realize Rage isn't fond of either political party, or even the system at large, but it was definitely a time when people who think like I do felt like a change was finally on the horizon," says Jones.

Jones (far left), who's nearly 30, hadn't played in a band since she was 16, and she recruited a musical newcomer and office manager by day in Odenbaugh (center, and below left) to be her vocalist. "I wouldn't be in a band if it weren't for this," says Jones.

It took some time for her to be comfortable, mostly because of how beloved de la Rocha's vocals are. "My style sort of evolved," she admits. "I wanted to sound like Zack in certain ways, but I'm not trying to be him."

"Boobs on Parade"
You know what's a totally hilarious joke that the band hasn't already heard a thousand times, even though they've only played nine shows so far?

Insisting that their name should have been some sort of girly pun on a Rage Against the Machine song title.

"I've heard a bunch," sighs Jones, "and they're all very funny and everything. But there's a point to the name we picked. I wouldn't want to tell people I'm in a band called 'Boobs on Parade.'"

All of which makes sense. Punny band names like Misstallica and Lez Zeppelin are cool because Metallica and Led Zeppelin's names don't mean much. But a silly take on Rage Against the Machine wouldn't really appeal to most of that band's fans.

"Our name is a good representation of us," Jones goes on to say. "It encompasses the idea of what we're trying to do. As a girl band, we're in the minority, carrying the same torch [that Rage did in rock]."

Living the Dream

Asylum is the first media organization to interview Jones and Odenbaugh, who played to an Atlanta crowd of 300 recently. So what's the endgame for the comely cover band?

"I'd love to play Bonnaroo," says Odenbaugh. "Lez Zeppelin played it a few years ago. That sounds like the pinnacle of tribute-band success."

The absolute pinnacle? "OK, maybe if Zack de la Rocha wrote me saying that he liked the band," she says, "That'd probably be number one."