If the overpriced drinks and sweaty crowds aren't enough to get you out to a live rock show, we just found your new incentive. Sugar and Spikes, a rock-themed modeling company that promotes events, parties and of course, live shows.

But don't let the tattoos and indie-girl style get them confused with those other indie hotties.

"We don't want to knock the Suicide Girls because they are women running their own business," explained the group's co-founder, Mika Henderson (center.) "But we're not just trying to be sexy, half naked tattoo girls, we're trying to use our talents to promote cool music and cool clothes and create a scene for everybody."

The ladies signature event is their Rock 'n' Roll Fashion show, which was held in November. Asylum was on hand for their "Twisted Toybox" show earlier this month, and we can report amps thump even harder when scantily clad women are dancing about them.

Migz, the guitarist for the night's closing act, TSI, agrees: "The Sugar and Spikes girls always take it up a notch," he told Asylum. "They make sure everybody gets moving."

Read on to see photos from their latest event.

"We want to rock out, and (present) beautiful people and beautiful things" is how Sugar and Spiked's other co-founder, Jessie Slater, summed up the business plan. Below, she lives by those words and leads the rock 'n' roll charge.

"Is that blue paint on your face or are you part Na'vi?"

Preparing backstage with bubbles and body paint.

More pretty, sparkly girls at the Twisted Toybox Show.

At the end of their set, TSI invited everyone on stage who could fit.

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