If you're looking for a hot woman who can kick your ass and then explain why gravity makes you fall down, look up Dr. Kirsten "Kiki" Sanford.

Sanford holds both a PhD in molecular, cellular and integrative physiology and a black belt in taekwondo. Usually, at least one comes in handy on her radio show -- This Week in Science.

Sanford also hosts online TV shows discussing her life amid test tubes. Other scientists have tried to popularize their work for the masses, but it helps that she's easy on the eyes because Dr. Stephen Hawking doesn't look as good with his top three buttons undone.

We asked Kiki about her aspirations, where the black belt comes in handy and the assumed string of constant marriage proposals from other smitten scientists.

"I don't think people think of me like a celebrity," Sanford told us. "That's just strange. Regardless of crushes, I'm trying to talk to scientists and non-scientists alike (on my shows)."

But when the time for talking has passed, Sanford can throw down with anyone who takes issue with her published 2008 paper, "Motivation and Memory in Zebra Finch."

"My black belt is in taekwondo," Sanford says. "I started training in Kyokushin karate in San Francisco ... When my grad school research wasn't going so well, and I was utterly confused as to how to proceed on the academic front, I always had something concrete to escape to in martial arts."

Sanford worked hard on building her online image as that very cute, friendly, online TV scientist. But she wouldn't mind taking the "online" part out of that equation.

"While I enjoy online work, and the freedom it allows me in terms of creating content, I would like to do more television work," she added. "I'm thinking I need to get in an appearance on 'The Daily Show' or 'The Colbert Report.' Humor goes a long way toward teaching science."

If Kiki doesn't get a chance to spar in one way or another with the Comedy Central boys, she says another dream is to have a cameo on "The Big Bang Theory."

Meanwhile, we'll keep waiting -- and studying up -- for Dr. Sanford's big break.