Thanks to "Jurassic Park," everyone loves velociraptors. Apparently, the real-life dinos were about the size of a big turkey (around 33 lbs.), not so much like the horrifying beasts in the movie. But still, they were turkeys that would probably eat you. And now they have a cousin!

Somewhere in Inner Mongolia, a couple of PhD students ran across Linheraptor exquisitus, the fancy-named raptor cousin that was about 8 feet long (most of it tail) and probably weighed about 55 lbs. So it was the big dog to the commonly known raptor's big turkey.

The researchers believe the little demon preyed on small, horned dinosaurs related to the Triceratops and -- just like its famous, fictionalized relative -- it possessed that huge, terrifying foot claw that may have been used to capture and disembowel prey.

Aside from being slightly larger, the linheraptor's other claim to fame is that it had really big sinus cavities. That may sound lame -- and it is -- but remember: It could have eaten you, so pretend it's cool.