"Our Town," it's not. In this video, what looks to be a second- or third-grade class puts on a theatrical rendition of the final act of much-quoted, ultra-violent Al Pacino classic, "Scarface."

While the wigs, costumes and the dialogue are scarily true to the movie, they do substitute the giant pile of cocaine Tony Montana famously has on his desk with popcorn, and all the F-bombs become "fudge."

When Tony falls into the pool, dead after being shot hundreds of times, the audience of parents let out a hearty cheer. All we can say is "What the fudge just happened?"

Read on to check it out.

Update: Something isn't quite right about the YouTube account of Cindymomof6, the woman who posted this video. Suspiciously, she just signed up for YouTube a few days ago. And her profile comes off as a parody of that of a Christian conservative.

We also agree with our friends at Filmdrunk -- there is something too good about the "amateur" camerawork. So yeah, we're calling fake.

Update II: TMZ is reporting that the viral sensation is the work of Marc Klasfeld, a music video director who also did the video for Lady Gaga's "Pokerface," among many others. The kids were actors, and the audience was family members, friends and colleagues. Pretty sweet media manipulation, Mr. Klasfeld -- Gaga would be proud.