The British dairy specialists at Cravendale figured out a way to detect whether the milk you're about to pour into your Wheaties has gone sour and/or chunky. According to a company press release, a good 330,000 tons of milk are discarded in the U.K. alone, due in large part to irrational fears that the milk has gone bad.

So what do you do to save this sea of moo juice? Cravendale has created a new type of milk jug that will tell you whether its contents are fresh or sour.

It works with a simple pH strip. (You know, one of those things you used to stick on your tongue in high school to see if you would get high.) When milk spoils, it becomes more acidic, and the LCD label on the jug changes from "Fresh" to "Sour."

The next step for the milk maker is to get a live update feed for all those missing children posters.