Everybody loves pranks. And everybody loves the Internet. So the glorious combination of watching practical jokes on YouTube when you're supposed to be working is a perfect match.

Whether the clips elicit good-natured laughs or gasping disbelief, however, is in the eye of the beholder.

We've compiled a video roundup of some of the best on-the-line prank clips out there and ask that you answer a simple question: Is the prank funny or mean?

Fake Burglar Attacks, Makes Mom Weep

Lucky for this prankster his mom didn't counter the metal pipe with a shotgun.

Is this prank funny or mean?
Funny.600 (25.6%)
Mean.1741 (74.4%)

Lottery Ticket Deception

Prank victim Thad's friends are thoughtful, but not in a nice way. They carefully stage a fake lottery win.

Is this prank funny or mean?
Funny.1328 (66.1%)
Mean.681 (33.9%)

How to Ruin Christmas

This young boy unwraps a big gift on Christmas morning to discover an Xbox 360. Problem is there's no system inside, just clothes.

Is this prank funny or mean?
Funny.466 (20.4%)
Mean.1814 (79.6%)

The Old "Baby Powder in the Blow Dryer" Gag

It never gets old.

Is this prank funny or mean?
Funny.2076 (93.4%)
Mean.147 (6.6%)

Russian pranks are unsurprisingly less subtle and more aggressive

Russia has its own idea of what makes for a good prank. There, it's mainly smacking unsuspecting people in the head, pushing fishermen off the pier and lighting newspapers on fire ... while they're being read.

Is this prank funny or mean?
Funny.1055 (58.0%)
Mean.765 (42.0%)