It seems only natural that Improv Everywhere, the group of spectacle-makers behind the No Pants Subway Ride, would up the ante and drop their drawers for their most recent mission, the No Underwear Subway Ride.

Charlie Todd, the founder of Improv Everywhere, claims that over 1,000 bottomless (and later blurred) people participated in the event, despite Todd's frazzled nerves that spectators "might think it was pushing things a bit too far." Maybe for tourists, but for New Yorkers? Please. Exposed genitals on the subway are a dime a dozen.

The stunt was a valiant effort, but we call bull for two reasons: One, look at the damn date today. And two, no one in their right mind is brave enough to let their bare ass (and other junk) touch a filthy, germ-ridden subway seat.

So what do you think: is this an April Fool's Day joke or a bunch of nuts unconcerned about catching chlamydia from the F train? Watch the video after the jump.