Our roundup of the funniest/most annoying April Fools' pranks from around the Web ... Seen any we missed? Let us know in the comments.

Our favorites:

5. Justin Bieber doesn't just have the number one record in America -- he's also taken over Web video site Funny or Die. We wonder what Funny or Die's co-founder Will Ferrell has to say about this. (Funny or Die)

4. Steve Urkel
doesn't have the number record one in America. But it looks like he used his ever-present geek skills to hack Urlesque. (Urlesque)

3. College Humor has been shut done down by The United Sates Department of Information for harboring un-American sentiment. It's nice to know the feds are doing more than just tracking crazy, religious inbreds. (College Humor)

2. Corey Edwards, a relatively unknown NFL prospect, will pull a truck across the field at pro day. As he told reporters he's "blessed with tremendous lower body strength" and wants to show it off. (Bleacher Report)

1. Here at Asylum, we reported on a sex scandal for 2010 -- a gay politician who was caught with a woman. And we got confirmation from friends and family that we actually fooled people. (Asylum.com)

Keep reading for a comprehensive list of tomfoolery on the Web.

UK bank notes to feature images of EastEnders cast. (Asylum.co.uk)

Starbucks introduce new interesting cup sizes. (Starbucks)

Screw HD -- YouTube to let you watch videos in text! (YouTube)

Wikipedia isn't known for its accuracy, but we're pretty sure this one is a joke. Wife Selling? (Wikipedia)

The next Large Hadron Collider planned for the Circle Line tube? (The Independent)

Google can't help themselves. Google changes its name to Topeka. (Google)

Search anything
on Google and instead of it telling you how long it took to search in seconds you'll get a crazy word, like centibeats, or noobatrons. What japes! (Google)

Google UK
offer a new Android app that translates animal noises to speech. (Google UK)

Reddit make everyone admins, infinite upvotes all-round! (Reddit)

Tech manufacturer Qualcomm claim new product causing savage butterfly attacks -- good work Qualcomm. (Facebook / Qualcomm)

Radio 4's Today Programme reported that the French culture minister claimed Shakespeare is French. (BBC)

BMW to offer hood-badges colored with your political allegiances (BMW)

Joe Biden's NCAA brackets are perfect. (Daily Caller)

Toshiba introduces inflatable laptop. (Toshiba)

Nokia N900 Cellphone can control helicopters. (Nokia)

Kodak is making photos that also capture smell. (Kodak)

ThinkGeek is selling canned unicorn meat. (ThinkGeek)

Rollerblading is the most manly sport, according to survey. (Sloshspot)

White House opens Camp David to the public. (White House)

Antarctic is were all the good jobs are. (Indeed.com)

Beatles' unreleased song leaks. (AOL radio)

Beckham joins Socceroos for World Cup campaign. (The Age)

Man from future arrested at Large Hadron Collider. (CNet UK)

Michael Bay accidentally destroys most of Hollywood while filming love scene (Dave & Thomas)

In-N-Out is coming to New York! (Eater NY)

No pants and no underwear ride the subway day. (Nerve)

Sam Worthington to star as the new Robocop. (Screen Junkies)

The Frisky announces two of its lady editors are getting married. (The Frisky)

Jim Bowen of to open Bullseye-themed restaurant. (Harpers)

Twitter seems to think Nandos is no more. (Twitter)

The Guardian is reporting Google to trial River-view in Leeds. (Guardian)

But has the Guardian been fooled itself? By a Tory add. (Conservative homepage)

Southampton FC to add paintbrush to badge after Johnsons paint trophy victory. (SaintsFC)

West Ham to be sponsored by high-street smut vendor Ann Summers (Daily Mail)

Burnley FC announce lamb's wool home kit. (Burnley FC)

Man City's groundsmen struggling with moles ahead of Birmingham game. (Man City)

Symantec build lunar information center. (Symantec)

Iwantoneofthose have released a new product, that turns your iPhone into an iPad. (iwantoneofthose)

Apple admit iPad massive joke. (Cnet)

April Fools day pranks for couples. How romantic. (Your Tango)

Babble, a site for mothers, offers up 10 ways to raise a genius. (Babble)

Gladys Knight to team up with the Green Lantern. (Comic Alliance)

Donovan McNabb is sold to the CFL. (With Leather)

Clash of the Titans inks product placement deal with pork rind brand. (Filmdrunk) )

Labour's election poster campaign targets Cameron: "Step outside posh boy." (Guardian)

World's first ever calorie negative Diet Cola Bottle launched. (Mirror)

Ferrets key to bridging the digital divide between cities and rural areas. (Telegraph)

Refs on Segways to take football by storm. (The Sun)

The AA rocketmen: Flying to the rescue of stranded motorists. (Daily Mail)