The Empire is striking back.

Thanks to famed illustrator Feng Zhu, a designer for everyone from Electronic Arts to Microsoft, Darth Vader and the Emperor now have their best propaganda campaign yet.

Zhu, who also designed the "Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith" ad campaign, has created a series of eye-popping recruitment posters for the Empire's army, complete with appetizing blond and freaky Star Wars demon creatures.

Keep reading for more images from the Imperial Recruitment series, which certainly tempts us toward the Dark Side.

(Oh, and if you're the party pooper who piped up in this comments section with "This is seriously not Star Wars canon, everyone knows that the soldiers for the Empire were all clones, i.e. no need for real recruitment": Shut up and behold the awesome power of intergalactic sexuality, something you probably aren't even allowed to masturbate to since you're only 12.)