Look to the left. That's right, it's Darth Vader -- the Darth Vader, looking menacing and powerful standing next to... a cookie version of himself. A cookie Vader? Travesty!

Wrong. It's cookie-based genius, and we can prove it. We're a big fan of, well, fans showing their appreciation of what they love, especially if it comes in an edible form. To this end, we've gathered together our favorite nerdy, offbeat and downright bizarre cookies ever made.

Look forward to Yoda rearing his ugly (and it is ugly) head, Pac-Man gobbling up some cookie-based ghosts and Mario getting in on the baked-snack action.

It's Nerdtown, people, and it's strangely fascinating ... and delicious.

Apple cookies

Perfect for: Keeping the doctor away. That's right.

Bert and Ernie cookies

Perfect for: Feeding to the Cookie Monster. Is that wrong? Probably.

The burger cookie

Perfect for: A sweet treat after your fifth Big Mac. There's no way you can actually be "full," you know. Right? Right?

The fetus cookie

Perfect for: Mothers-to-be? Is that wrong, too? To be honest, who wants to eat this? It's just plain weird.

The Gameboy/Xbox cookie

Perfect for: A victory nibble after your 50th consecutive headshot in "Modern Warfare 2."

Knickers cookies

Perfect for: Apologizing for getting crumbs in the bed. Again.

"Left for Dead 2" cookies

Perfect for: When there are no human brains available and you need something to keep the undead blood-sugar up.

Lady Gaga cookies

Perfect for: Lady Gaga's fashion adviser to sew together into a giant, yummy dress.

Lego Indy cookies

Perfect for: Throwing at Short Round and crumbling as a trail to find your way out of the Temple of Doom.

Super Mario cookies

Perfect for: Playing the immortal computer game "Yoshi's Cookie," collecting coins and punching boxes with question marks on the side. Duh!

Pac-Man cookies

Perfect for: Helping you eat all those ghosts. Seriously, you can't stop him. He literally won't stop moving.

R2D2 cookies

Perfect for: Wiggling from side to side and making bleepy noises. Let's be honest, if you had one, you'd do exactly the same.

"Simpsons" cookies

Perfect for: When you're sick and tired of eating doughnuts. Hell, that's never going to happen, but when you've run out of those sugary rings of joy (including the emergency one), this might just have to do.

"Star Trek" cookies

Perfect for: Any Starfleet graduate who's just stepped off the transporter pad. Those wibbly lines really take it out of you, they say.

The "Hitchcookie"

Perfect for: Filling your stupendously large belly -- and for being one of the best words ever written: hitchcookie. You just can't beat that kind of naming prowess. That's Alfred Hitchcock, by the way.

The Yoda cookie

Perfect for: Upping your midichlorian levels. Possibly.