A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... you had to choose between the company of lovely Jessica and a comfortable Jedi bathrobe that keeps your lightsaber safe from the Hoth-like temperatures of the bathroom after a shower.

Sorry -- no option for "Both. I'd dress up in the Jedi bathrobe and ask Jessica to wear a gold bikini."

Which would you rather have?
Jessica -- hot military brat1581 (84.0%)
Jedi bathrobe -- even Jedi have to shower302 (16.0%)

Stays fit by jogging outside.
Con: You'd probably have to get off your ass and exercise, too.
Pro: Worked an obscure reference to "The Office" into her profile.
Con: She has a bit of an online shopping addiction.

Jedi Bathrobe
Live out your nerdiest Jedi fantasies for just 50 Galactic Credits.
Con: Unless you own an actual lightsaber you may still feel naked.
Pro: Made of 100 percent cotton means you'll be equally comfortable and badass.
Con: Still have to worry about your roommate "borrowing" it and going commando.

For another picture of Jessica, "Force click" here.