Generally when you stumble across a mug shot on the Internet, it's either a drunken celebrity or someone who has taken looking like the physical embodiment of insanity to new heights.

So it's kind of refreshing that Dustin Winesberry decided to go in a brand new direction with his mug shot.

Just look at that suave pose -- the smile, the eyes, the skillfully placed hand. Dustin Winesberry wants you to know that when he gets out of prison, he wants to take you to dinner.

The downside of this, of course, is that Mr. Winesberry is a bit of a criminal, what with him being a registered sex offender and all.

He was arrested after climbing up the balcony of an apartment building and trying to convince the women who lived there to "hang out."

One of the women, unenthused by the idea of a strange man -- no matter how cool he looks -- climbing up the balcony to chill, called the cops.

Slightly more bizarre, if this can get more bizarre, is that Winesberry has apparently made this mug shot look his signature pose. Assuming this is the same 22-year-old Dustin Winesberry's Facebook page, he's suaving it up all over again. (FYI: He works at McDonald's and loves "sex and ladies.")