Last Friday, Asylum hung out with Greg Packer, the man who waited outside the Apple Store on 5th Ave. for four full days to be the first in line to buy the new iPad.

Since the Saturday release, we've been dying to know if the actual product was worth the wait. Is the iPad as "magical" and "revolutionary" as Packer expected?

We caught up with Greg on Tuesday afternoon to see how he was enjoying his new toy, but were shocked to learn he hadn't even opened it yet. That's right, the man who devoted five days of his life to waiting on an oversized iPhone didn't rush home and instantly open it up and play with it.

When we asked Greg why he hadn't opened his new iPad yet, he replied, "Well, I didn't know the 3G wasn't available until I got in line. I bought the Wi-Fi version and plan on holding out for the 3G."

Greg went on to tell us how he wasn't even a huge fan of the product to begin with, but just wanted to check it out. A seasoned waiter, Greg also camped out for the release of the iPhone in 2007 and has even been known to wait around for a midnight movie premiere.

Greg, we may not understand you, but we do salute you.