HP Hewlett Packard SlateWe know everyone isn't waiting to hear about this device, but Engadget tracked down specs on Hewlett-Packard's Slate, a multi-touch tablet reader to rival the iPad.

At $600 for the 32-GB model, it's priced similarly to the iPad. Unlike the iPad, however, the end user can increase its flash memory up to 64 GB. The Slate won't have native 3G support, but there's space in it for a modem. On the plus side, it comes with a Web cam and a 3-megapixel still camera. On the we're-not-sure side, it runs Windows 7.

The only thing that the Slate is missing is the unbelievably cool feeling you experience when you spend way too much money on a product you don't need, doesn't run Flash and, on the day it comes out, already has Wi-Fi problems.