What sort of man spends his time drawing d*cks on retro magazine advertisements? Meet Joshua Paulin, the Miami-based artist responsible for I Draw D*cks, who can only be regarded as a true visionary.

They may not be cans of Campbell's soup, but black-and-white herpes ads from the 1980s can be equally infectious source material. And now, the artist revealed that there are plans to begin displaying the art in bathrooms across Miami, just when the Magic City thought it might get respectable.

The site, which Paulin tells Asylum is his "side, side, side, side project," has roots dating back to the blogger's high school years.

"My brother and I took a year's worth of Cosmopolitan magazines and drew d*cks on every page, just as you see them on the site," he says. "My mom found out and beat our asses. It was summer and we were bored, so it was worth it."

Some people would get discouraged with such a harsh critique of their work, but Paulin soldiered on and the response has been almost universally positive.

Keep reading for more about Paulin -- and some NSFW images.

"There has been fan mail and a radio show in Melbourne, Australia, that wanted a phone interview," says Paulin. "But they never responded to my email, and I'm too poor to keep my phone on. How artsy does that sound?"

Still, the future looks brighter, with a new Web site in the works and the aforementioned exhibitions. Paulin is even producing unique "I Draw D*cks" shirts using salvaged thrift-store tees. The T-shirts wouldn't mark the first time the artist wore his subject.

"I was 17 and working at Pizza Hut," he remembers. "A few of my friends came to visit me from home -- I had just moved to Ft. Lauderdale. I stayed up all night to make sure they arrived safe, and after not enough sleep, rushed off to work.

"My manager wasn't mad, but everyone was staring at me. I had a d*ck drawn on the side of my face that led to my mouth. I think I also had one drawn on my lower back to my hairline at my neck. I almost cried -- I was so tired and embarrassed. I just stuffed crusts and didn't say a word."

But Paulin may be getting the last laugh now.