Americans like supersizing. So, fittingly, breast-expansion videos are the latest trend sweeping the Internet. These YouTube mainstays depict overripe melons that magically expand before your very eyes.

The means to these ballooning boobs can include enhancement through the magic of Photoshop, Final Cut editing software or even unfiltered and highly dangerous "tap water."

That's right, thanks to the Internet, boobs can be your very own Chia Pet.

Keep reading to see our, uh, expansive roundup of the most amazing funbag videos. (Probably NSFW)

First, we have a real gem for you -- a slow-mo action sequence involving cleavage, a water balloon (or is it a condom?), gigantic schnoobs and nine seconds of bouncing glory. This is pretty much the best argument for remaining alive -- besides experiencing the fashion of Tom Jones.

We would've passed on this all-too-brief and pointless three-second clip, but then we wouldn't be giving you the whole spectrum of the boob-bursting movement that's sweeping the nation.

We know this appears at first glance to be an eight-second clip from the new George Romero zombie flick about killer boobs, but it's actually just the work of some lonely and horny dudes with too much time on their hands. Luckily, it stars a smoking-hot chick with an expandable rack.

And, finally, our pick for the weirdest one of them all. Here the computer-animated boob embiggening is accompanied by text-to-speech dialogue spoken with stuffy British accents: