high school counselore caught in quaalude drug bustWho knows, maybe it's really hard to talk about the perils of drug use all day long and not go home and help run a multimillion-dollar quaalude drug ring. Or maybe drug counseling is the worst gateway drug of all.

Ken Kutin, a drug counselor at IS 266 in Glen Oaks, was just busted for helping a strip club owner run a nationwide quaalude drug ring. Also arrested in the gigantic bust were a teacher's aide from an elementary school in Little Neck, and her husband.

Maybe we should be paying our teachers a little bit more, although it is kind of charming and old-timey that they're selling 'ludes instead of meth or crack. Even when they're dealing drugs, teachers are still out of touch with what the youth of today really want. Regardless, at least Kutin knew his stuff when he went in for his day job