In an attempt to continue rallying support to get on the primary ballot for this fall's New York's gubernatorial race, former "Manhattan Madam" Kristin Davis made an appearance on Saturday at HedoOnline's Sybarite Awards, a benefit for swingers held in Manhattan's private party complex, Hudson Terrace. Too bad the PA system was jacked, though, because none of the attendees could hear two words from the bad mamma jamma who provided escorts for Eliot Spitzer and Alex Rodriguez.

Davis is running on a platform to legalize prostitution, marijuana and same-sex marriage, and just last month she told Asylum she endorses bestiality and grenades in the home. The only downside was that wouldn't let our correspondent get to second base.

But what Davis lacks in boob-grabbery, the Libertarian makes up for in keeping it real by unabashedly embracing her core constituency. They were all in attendance at this, ahem, swingin' soiree: porn stars like Britney Andrews, masochists in G-strings getting lashed across the back with a cat's tail, the inventor of the Sybian machine, and exhibitionists strutting around naked in body paint.

The alternative-lifestyle seekers inside the kink funhouse definitely gave love to Kristin as she took the mic, despite not being able to hear her. They eventually extended that love to one another in a sea of flesh. We can't say that we witnessed an actual orgy manifest at the midtown loft space, but there was definitely plenty of grindage, boobies and a few motorboats. And I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen at any other political party in town -- at least, not those with cameras.