Jake and Amir are set to announce the nominees for the 14th annual Webby Awards tomorrow at 9 a.m. EST, but how hard is that? There are only a few sites so excellent you should vote for them to get an award, while there are billions of wretched blogs, Tumblrs and Twitter accounts floating around the Internet. So to help you know which sites to avoid, we sat down the boys and got their top 10 most hated sites.

1) Wikipedia Three words: TMI. It's like Internet quicksand. You just wanted to find out what year Beethoven died and three hours later you're learning that Corbin Bernsen has a son named Horbin. (it's true!)

2) Google It's great at search and for mail, but what if you need a pizza? Sure you can search "pizza" but that doesn't mean you get to eat your computer. Trust me, I've tried.

3) CollegeHumor If I wanted to see a bunch of hack comedy nerds make Mario jokes all day, I'd go to work. (Note: I work at CollegeHumor)

4) Twitter.com/AmirBlumenfeld Some stranger stole my full name on Twitter before I got an account. Now my Twitter has to be twitter.com/jakeandamir. How is that fair?

5) Wunderground I hate this Web site, but only in the winter. It reminds me how cold it is in New York and how much I'm going to complain about not living in California.

6) JakeHurwitz.com Similar to Amir's Twitter horror story. Someone registered my name before I could. Now they want $8,000 for it. I've saved up $4,967 so far, but in the meantime I use jakehurwitz.tumblr.com.

7) PuppiesBeingHurt.com Not an actual Web site, but I hate that I can even string those three words together.

8) Facebook I don't like that people can go back and see pictures of me in college when I had an eyebrow ring.

9) Gmail I hate that the pathetic emails I've written to ex-girlfriends at 2 a.m. are hiding in there somewhere.

10) Whatever the Ku Klux Klan's Web site is, they're a bunch of d*cks.

Do you have Web sites you love? Make sure to cast your vote at the People's Voice Webby Awards.