If you're a regular Asylum reader (which we're almost positive you are) you'll know we tried a little experiment not long ago, removing the staches from famously mustachioed men.

We were inundated by literally four requests to do a follow-up piece which added mustaches to famous people.

So like the good and caring men's blog you know us to be, we've gone and done some substandard Photoshop work for you, adding mustaches to everyone from Barack Obama to Glenn Quagmire. For staches galore, keep reading.

Men: Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg.
Who? Stars of '80s classic "Three Men and a Baby"
Manliness increase: A mustachioed Danson almost pulls himself on to a par with the supremely masculine Selleck. Guttenberg falls well short, though. You don't deserve a stache, Steve.

Man: Bill Clinton
Who? Former U.S. president and Lothario
Manliness increase: Well, Clinton clearly has a face on which a stache belongs. Look how at home his lip burger is. Kinda makes him look like he owns a majority stake in KFC.

(Wo-)Man: Hil-dog, secretary of state
Who? America's second-most influential politician.
Manliness increase: Well, it does increase her manliness. But at the same time she kind of pulls it off, like if she walked in with one and said, "This is the way I'm going from now on," you'd be like, "Yeah, sure Hil. I'm with you."

Man: Bruce Willis
Who? Bruce Willis, you know who he is.
Manliness increase: Substantial. We've seen Bruce with a full beard before, but never just a stand-alone stache, and by jingo, it works for him. He definitely looks more intelligent.

Man: Tom Cruise
Who? Hollywood actor and sofa-jumper.
Manliness increase: Would you have liked Maverick more if he'd had a mo'? Would you have liked Jerry Maguire more if he was mustachioed? Would you have liked, that weirdo from "Vanilla Sky" more? We sure as hell would.

Man: Ben Affleck
Who? Second to Matt Damon.
Manliness increase: Well it certainly doesn't make him look like great, but he's been second to Damon for so long now he's got to try something right? Maybe a sizable stache is that thing?

Man: Barack Obama
Who? The world's most powerful man.
Manliness increase: A mustachioed Obama doesn't really work. It adds nothing. He looks less electable with a nasal warmer.

Man: Glenn Quagmire
Who? From "Family Guy"
Manliness increase: It makes him look like an Italian dictator. Is that an increase in manliness? No. They are men who have betrayed the mustache, something Glenn would never do.

Man: Homer Simpson
Who? Perennially 39-year-old yellow everyman
Manliness increase: It just makes him look like he's in disguise. Incidentally, if you ever need a disguise, a stache is something we recommend.