meet women landromatIn the United States, there are over four million more women than men. And these extra women tend to live in urban areas. So if you don't live out in the sticks, meeting women should be a snap, right?

Wrong. Type "how to meet women" into Google, and it spits out over 97 million responses. We've highlighted a bunch of the places "experts" suggest are ripe for finding a potential romantic match. Now we want to know which you think is best.

Read on for a breakdown of each suggestion, and let us know in the comment section any venues brimming with available women that we have missed. (Although we can't blame you if you want to keep that information to yourself.)
What's the best place to meet women?
Bars and nightclubs3022 (11.9%)
Social clubs, civic groups, adult education classes4417 (17.4%)
Online 2390 (9.4%)
Weddings, birthday parties, etc.3053 (12.0%)
During your daily routine (supermarket, laundromat, etc.)12485 (49.2%)

The reason folks go to a bar is to drink, and alcohol happens to be the ultimate social lubricant. So why is it that any examination of where to meet women starts off by stating bars probably aren't the answer?

Oh yeah, because bars generally have unfavorable male-to-female ratios, and sloppy bar hook-ups rarely lead to more than sloppy bar hook-ups. But if you can stay in control and think beyond the immediate future, bars remain a pretty solid place to lay the seeds of a meaningful connection.

Social clubs, civic groups, adult education classes
The same relationship experts who bash bars as places to meet women often suggest trying social gatherings that don't involve alcohol. Theoretically this makes a lot of sense. Our problem? We don't know all that many people who have forged a meaningful romantic relationship at a cooking class or because they volunteered at the local museum.

Everything is more efficient when you do it online, including dating. While the stigma against meeting someone on the Internet is probably a thing of the past, when you meet a woman through an online dating service, you are always going to have the uneasy feeling that you are a few simple clicks away from being replaced.

Family- and friend-endorsed functions
Think weddings, birthday parties, etc. Obviously being in the same extended social circle is a terrific ice breaker. It could get a little uncomfortable though, if things heat up and then fizzle. Especially if you revealed any secrets you don't want out there.

During the minutiae of life
Grocery stores, laundromats and other places that are part of your routine are often tossed out as great venues to meet women. No doubt there is potential there, but if you're suave enough to pick up a chick while waiting in line at Starbucks, you probably don't need much advice on meeting women.