Emmanuelle Chriqui -- the lovely actress who made a ridiculously unrealistic TV show even more unrealistic -- bared it all for Allure magazine's May issue, which also featured nude celebrities Kara DioGuardi, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Heidi Klum and others.

"Some women want bigger breasts," Chriqui told Allure. "But [I wish] I could have had a dancer's body."

Actually, Emmanuelle, we think you're just fine how you are.

As for "Entourage," it's worth noting that Kevin Connolly's character, "Eric," went from being a lovable underdog we could all identify with to being a smug, quick-tempered prick. That all started when he began dating Sloan, the exquisitely proportioned media-mogul scion played by Chriqui.

So, E, we've seen your fiancee naked. Are you going to punch us, too? (NSFW)

Keep reading to see more nude shots from Allure.

Kara DioGuardi: "This shoot was less about beauty than about taking a risk and showing people a side of me they have never seen."

Colbie Caillat on what her younger fans will think of the shoot: "I worried that [posing nude] might make them think I was changing somehow. I hope they think to themselves, Yeah, she's showing a woman's body, and it's beautiful."

Jessica Capshaw
on her role in "Grey's Anatomy": "In love scenes with a woman, we're able to share our neuroses or insecurities more readily. I don't think with a man you'd speak with the same awareness."