Nicole MitchellIf there's one thing that's more predictable than freezing weather in the Midwest, it's hot chicks telling you about it on the Weather Channel.

The years have not been kind to the Weather Channel ladies of, say, 1993. Saddled with Hillary Clinton–style pantsuits and stuck-in-the-'80s big hair, they pale in comparison to the women of today, who are out in the elements, desperately trying to keep that skirt ... covering ... sorry, we were distracted for a second by a report from the Windy City.

Here are eight of the hottest ladies -- current and recent past -- who make the Weather Channel watchable (with the sound off, of course).

Stephanie Abrams This super-hot field reporter, who most recently covered the 2010 Winter Olympics, is probably the wrong person to put in front of natural disasters. 1) She might get hurt, and 2) We can't pay attention to whatever emergency is taking place while she's wearing a shirt like that. It could be dangerous.

Alexandra SteeleAlexandra Steele Besides having the best set of names in the business, this Weather Channel talking head is also a sports fan who golfs, skis and plays tennis. She certainly looks fit, as the British say.
Katy TurKaty Tur Thanks to her status as Keith Olbermann's 26-year-old ladyfriend, Ms. Turr is frequently photographed in public, cavorting with random people and generally looking like a summer day in San Antonio. Now we understand why even intellectuals dislike Olbermann -- look at what he's keeping off the market.
Cheryl LemkeCheryl Lemke You know what would be really great, Asylumites? If you sent Cheryl an email here to tell her how beautiful and talented she is. Please refrain from mentioning the words "warm front" and "my pants."

Jeanetta JonesJeanetta Jones OK, stop. We know what you're going to say about Ms. Jones and her looks in comparison to all these other busty babes. But it's not fair. Back in the day, Jones was considered the best-looking woman in weather -- and certainly the smartest. She's only off the air now because of a horrific car accident in Georgia a few years back. Her reputation, however, continues to grow, thanks to recently released YouTube bloopers and a rumor that she had launched a porn career.
Kelly Cass
Kelly Cass Ah, Kelly Cass, why do you torture us by wearing these very hot outfits and occasionally looking like Tea Leoni? And you have one of the few Twitter profiles that actually makes us want to sign up for that worthless service. You can sweep your arm across our blue screens any time.

Nicole Mitchell Nicole Mitchell Sorry, folks, this one's got the married disease. Of course, that probably explains why the desperate horndogs of the Anchor Babes Web site fawn over her so mercilessly, with one commenter noting her "awesome breeder hips" and another praising her for being a Captain in the United States Air Force. "She can order me around anytime," he adds.
Heather Tesch This Minnesota-born cutie is a hiker, animal and nature lover, and occasional Twitterer. Best of all, she's not in any way related to John Tesh.
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