While the Internet has been aware of how awesome bacon is for several years, it's hard to blame traditional media for only catching up with it now.

With the release of KFC's new affront to humanity, the Double Down, a sandwich that eschews a bun in favor of two pieces of fried chicken and then jams cheese and bacon between them, MSNBC decided to focus not so much on the sandwich but the bacon within in an article entitled "Bacon -- our national food crush."

MSNBC says, "A bacon zeitgeist has sprouted," and calls attention to bacon cocktails, lollipops and chocolate. (We'll add tattoos, tuxedos and beer to the list.) They even name-check the oh-so-timely Atkins diet.

The rest of us have watched bacon pretty much evolve into a meme as it gets used as clothing, candy, air fresheners and Band-Aids. This, along with trying to figure out Rickrolling, LOLcats and Anonymous is yet another black spot on traditional media's weak and shaky understanding of how the Internet and the hordes of people on it work.

But hey, at least they're trying. Let us welcome them into the greasy, delicious fold. Better late than never.