Lebron JamesSo, it sounds like LeBron James is about to make the biggest mistake of his career this summer: The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is prepared to skip this summer's world championships in Turkey and, instead, film his first feature flick, "Fantasy Basketball Camp."

Directed by Malcolm D. Lee ("Soul Men," "Undercover Brother" and "Roll Bounce"), the flick is about five guys who try to live out their dreams by visiting LBJ's "fantasy" camp in Las Vegas.

Making a movie is typically bad for business when you're an athlete. Sure, guys like Ray Allen, Jim Brown and even O.J. Simpson have successfully made the leap from sports to cinema, but there more than a few have struggled to make the transition. So before LeBron makes his absolute, final decision, our friends at StreetLevel gathered up a list of the worst athletes-turned-actors ever to hit the silver screen. LBJ, don't say they didn't warn you ... (via StreetLevel)