Medea Spirits vodka bottle labelsAfter a rough night, Twitter stumbles home and passes out. The next morning, it discovers it hooked up with an LED display, and nine months later you have these chattering vodka bottles.

Medea Spirits is the brains behind this invention: labels with a programmable LED screen, so you can let your deepest philosophical thoughts scroll across a vodka bottle. The message will run on a loop for three minutes, and you can store up to six messages at a time. (Each message has a word limit of 255 characters each -- so it's a little more like Twitter had twins.)

Like most one-night stands, however, this one isn't meant to last: the LED screen only has enough life for 40 hours of fun messages. That seems pretty paltry -- until you remember the shelf life of the average bottle of vodka. [via GadgetCrave]