Over the past three months, "Asylum Sideshow" featured10 of our favorite performers/eccentrics. Now, we need you to help us crown a king or queen of the show. If you dare, take one more look at these awesomely weird performers and vote for your favorite ...

Gumby Girl
Contortionist Tara Page (aka Gumby Girl) twists her way out of a suitcase and into your heart.

The Cow Song
Michael Sofia performs his ode to bovines.

Meathead Morgue
Performer Morgen Night shows his blockhead skills by maneuvering a power drill and meat hook into his skull.

Miss Nude Sword Swallower
Burlesque performer Rhea Roma recalls her illustrious past and swallows a sword (albeit a narrow one).

Rappin' KT
Aspiring hip-hop star KT shares his feelings about the rap game and offers romantic advice.

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Who Is Your Favorite "Asylum Sideshow" Freak?
Gumby Girl87 (36.4%)
The Cow Song4 (1.7%)
Meathead Morgue22 (9.2%)
Miss Nude Sword Swallower11 (4.6%)
Rappin' KT2 (0.8%)
The Laughing Yogi25 (10.5%)
Captain Pootie23 (9.6%)
Coco and Penny9 (3.8%)
The Weatherman11 (4.6%)
Mudslide Surfer45 (18.8%)